I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but at this point I have no readers anyway so it doesn’t make a difference. I have been dealing with a lot ranging from a breakup, to health issues, surgery, the start of a new relationship, starting a new job, and of course, motherhood! All of which I will get into in another post.

But I want to continue posting (more frequently) in case one day I get even one reader who can relate to, or learn from my stories. FYI, all the stories I post on here are/will be 100% true! If there is arare occasion that I want to post a fictional story, it will be made very clear. But my goal is to be one of the few people on the internet who hold nothing back and speak with absolutely NO FILTER! So that is exactly what I’ll do.

To my future readers, feel free to comment ANY thoughts, questions, or concerns, ask for advice, or even ask for stories of life events that I may have experienced. I will do my best to keep at this and answer every comment. Love you all!😘