For about two months now, I have been dating a new guy named Jr. Now, Jr is 6 years older than me, I am 22 and he’s 28. In many ways, he and I together would be seen as the “perfect couple” from the outside looking in. And honestly, even with the complicated terms of our relationship, I would agree that we are.

But, no one who knows us knows that this was initially supposed to be a one night stand, lol. We met on a dating app and he is honestly the first and only man I’ve met on an actual dating site. If we’re being completely honest, I went on there for some rebound sex. I had just gotten out of a relationship with a live-in boyfriend three months earlier and I went from having sex whenever I wanted, to not at all.

When I met Jr, I told him immediately what my intentions were. I was not looking for anything serious and I wasn’t ready for a relationship, I just wanted some good sex one time, no strings attached, and never have to see him again if I chose not to. He understood and obviously had no problem with that. So one day we finally met up to somke with each other and… you know.

That night, I met him at a bar. It was our first time meeting in person so I made it a point to meet in a public place for my safety. We stayed there until I felt comfortable enough to leave with him and was pretty sure he wasn’t a serial killer! Lol. We smoked some weed together and went to his house. While we were smoking, we had AMAZING conversation and immediately clicked on a level deeper than either of us planned or expected at the time, but the plan for a one night stand still stood on my end.

Once we were at his house we started watching the basketball games that were on tv and he eventually started to kiss me. Here’s where it gets good. The way he kissed me gave me a feeling that I had never thought was possible without sex (yet). We had a physical chemistry that was unmatched, and I came just from his lips touching mine. He kissed every inch of my body and I was so ready for things to go further. But guess what this man does? The drinks and pot caught up with him and Jr PASSED OUT!

At first I thought it was a joke, I met this man and went back to his house with the known intentions of having sex, and he falls asleep? What was I supposed to do? He was laying on me so I could barely move, and by then I was extremely turned on! I ended up letting him sleep for about 15 minutes as I finessed my way from underneath him. I was deciding on if I just wanted to leave or not, but something told me to wake him up so that is what I did.

I woke him up and the only thing I said was “fuck me.” He smiled and immediately threw me down on the bed and went down on me until I came twice. After that, he gave me the BEST sex I’d ever had in my life! We literally kept going round for round until the sun came up. I ended up staying there until the afternoon of the next day.

When it was finally time for me to leave, he kissed me so passionately and said he needed to take me on a real date. That night, he did just that. He took me to a very nice restaurant where we had an amazing time and then we hung out afterwards with no sex. Now, two months later, I have spent nearly every day with Jr, met his family, and he has even met my family and my daughter. He has become the only person I think to call when I’m upset, and the first person I want to call when I’m happy.
Who would have thought that a “one night stand” would turn in to all of this? Has anyone else had a one night stand turn in to something way more? Comment, I would love to know!